Citizenfour: links and reviews

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Military Industrial Complex, NSA, Privacy, Spying, Surveillance

This is how Tom Englehardt starts his starts his interview with Laura Poitras, after he saw her “engrossing new film on Edward Snowden,” at the New York Film Festival.


Here’s a Ripley’s Believe It or Not! stat from our new age of national security. How many Americans have security clearances? The answer: 5.1 million, a figure that reflects the explosive growth of the national security state in the post-9/11 era. Imagine the kind of system needed just to vet that many people for access to our secret world (to the tune of billions of dollars). We’re talking here about the total population of Norway and significantly more people than you can find in Costa Rica, Ireland, or New Zealand. And yet it’s only about 1.6% of the American population, while on ever more matters, the unvetted 98.4% of us are meant to be left in the dark.

Here are couple more links and review of this film:

  1. Citizenfour review – Poitras’ victorious film shows Snowden vindicated
  2. The Holder of Secrets
  3. Snowden Film Tests Hollywood Obama Backers
  4. PopPolitics: Laura Poitras on Edward Snowden’s Reaction to ‘Citizenfour’ (Listen)

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