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The meeting is at 2pm tomorrow in Rochambeau Library, 708 Hope St, Providence, downstairs.

Some topics to discuss:

  •  Update on bills
  •  TPP
  •  Net neutrality
  •  Possible meeting with Sen. Whitehouse on “Fair Elections Now” act
  •  More organizing

Present: Nick, Terry, Randall, Patricia—notes by Patricia
TPP update: rally this coming Friday, April 17, at 3 p.m. location t.b.a. Organized by Occupy Providence. We agreed to endorse this event. More information will be forthcoming.

Tax Day Rally—Tell Corporate America to Pay Their Fair Share
Organized by RI Jobs with Justice. April 15, 4 p.m. 260 Westminster.
RSVP here

Discussion of Decision-making process/group dynamics of RIhumcivrights
We decided that we would cut down on the number of announcements Randall has been sending out to the list serv recently about upcoming State House legislation. Randall has volunteered to send a weekly update of the upcoming bills of interest to us, and he will organize them in order of priority. Rather than giving a lengthy description of each bill with its pros and cons, he will limit his description for each one to a couple of sentences giving the main reasons why we should support or oppose it. He will either include a link to the full wording of the bill or provide a PDF attachment with the full bill.

He will also include a link to the members of the House or Senate committee that is considering the bills we might most want to speak out on. We can either attend the hearing, or we can send a brief e-mail message to each committee member in support or opposition to the legislation.

Randall is proposing some changes to the vehicle location tracking and the drones bills, to better conform to the principles of our group.

We discussed other ways to involve more people in issues of importance to us. We are considering using the Move On model—sending our listserv a statement about a given issue to help to inform them about it and then providing them with the option of clicking to add their name to a petition in support of or opposition to the issue.

We are still considering organizing a panel discussion on a Civil Rights issue. We might start working on this during the summer and then schedule the panel for the early fall.

We voted to sign onto a letter to end mass surveillance under the Patriot Act, which is being organized by Demand Progress.  If you are not in favor of our organization signing this letter, speak out by Monday night, as the deadline to respond is Tuesday. (For more information, and for a script of what to say if you want to call your elected officials about this issue, go to this link. )

Various national privacy groups are also urging people to support HR 1466, which would repeal the Patriot Act. Here is the bill Call Rep. Cicilline and ask him to support this bill.

Randall and Patricia have been working with a group largely composed of members from DARE, ONA and PriSYM, which is urging the Providence City Council to pass an ordinance titled the Community Safety Act (which was also introduced unsuccessfully last year). This legislation aims to end racial profiling in Providence. (See the provisions in the legislation with then-mayor candidate Jorge Elorza’s comments from October of last year: Here is the link)

The City Council’s Ordinance Committee will be discussing this proposed ordinance in early May. After that, there will be a public hearing on it, and we hope that many members of RIhumcivrights will participate in the hearing.

Our next meeting is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. on May 9 at Rochambeau Library.