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When: Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014, at 11:00am
Where: “Post Office” Federal Building opposite Burnside Park, 2 Exchange Street, Providence

A story in the Wall Street Journal revealed that the US Marshals are flying planes with devices that can track the location of large numbers of cellphones on the ground, with no clear and public standards on who gets to see the data or on how the data is used.
The protest is organized by the RI Coalition to Defend Human and Civil Rights.

We will gather outside the US Marshals’ district headquarters — which is at the “Post Office” federal Building in Providence across the street from the federal courthouse (also directly across the street from Burnside Park). We will go to the US Marshals’ office and deliver a letter which demands more information about the program and makes clear we oppose this over-broad surveillance.

Here is the Facebook event.


Updated information for Aug. 15:

Gather on the sidewalk on Exchange Street by Burnside Park, across from the Post Office. The vigil will be to call for the end of the Israel/Palestine violence, including the violence that is occupation. Some may also call for an end to the violence in Syria and in Iraq. Military force is not the solution. We must address the underlying injustices in these conflicts.

Updated information for Aug. 8:

Gaza is devastated. Its schools, hospitals, universities and many neighborhoods are destroyed. It will need our attention for some time. Join us to stand with the people of Gaza in their call for an end to all the violence, including the siege and the occupation.

New location: Burnside Park, Exchange St end

There will be a vigil on Friday at 4pm Aug 1 and Aug.8 outside the Federal Courthouse on Exchange St. in Providence. If there are enough people we will also leaflet the area and send people to other corners to stand. A delegation will go up to Senator Reed’s office. Construction at Kennedy Plaza makes it less than ideal, but there should still be foot traffic in the area. Messaging: End the violence. End the siege and the occupation.

Also see this event link.

  • Sen. Jack Reed — 202-224-4642
  • Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse — 202-224-2921
  • Rep. David Cicilline — 202-225-4911
  • Rep. James Langevin — 202-225-2735


Monthly meeting: July 12, 2014

Posted: July 10, 2014 in Events

With a lot on the agenda, Saturday’s meeting of the Coalition to Defend Human & Civil Rights will start at 1pm in Rochambeau Library, 708 Hope St., Providence, in the big meeting room. At 2:00pm, mayoral candidate Jorge Elorza will meet us for an hour for questions.

When: Saturday, June 21, 2014, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Where: Burnside Park, downtown Providence

The Rhode Island anti-racial profiling bill which civil-rights advocates have worked long and hard on is now stuck in the Senate, and politicians are about to go home after they pass the budget. Time is short, but if we act fast we can get this bill passed!

Please sign and share this petition

Act Now: Pass Historic Agreement of Community & Police

Then please call Senate and House leaders, and your own legislators: Senate President Paiva-Weed, 222-6655 or — House. Speaker Mattiello, 401.222.4266 or Ask Paiva-Weed to pass the Community-Police Relationship Act now while we have this rare agreement to prevent racial profiling in our State. Ask Mattiello for the quick introduction of this bill.

The Senate bill is S2976.


Monday, September 2, 3pm
at Providence City Hall
For more information, call 401-400-0373
or email

Join the Coalition to Defend Public Education, the Rhode Island Badass Teachers Association, the Providence Student Union and others to protest against the destruction of our public schools! We are rallying to save and improve our public schools, to restore public respect for our teachers and humane treatment for our students, and to demand full funding for public education. We oppose high-stakes testing, the use of “student achievement data” in teacher evaluations, and the handing over of public tax dollars to the private operators of “Educational Management Organizations” (EMOs) and charter schools. Join us in this struggle to save America’s most democratic public institution!

We will start at Providence City Hall at 3pm with a speak-out, songs and poems; then march to the Rhode Island Department of Education; then march over to the Providence Place Mall, where we will conclude our rally. We encourage everyone to stick around for the Jobs With Justice Labor Day Action afterward.

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You can also join the Rhode Island Badass Teachers Association

And you can join the Coalition to Defend Public Education


STOP SPYING ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE – Want to help build the movement to stop government and corporate surveillance? Download the petition in PDF format, print, and circulate/gather signatures.

If you download the petition to gather signatures, please comment on this post so we can get in touch to collect it when the petition drive is finished.

To join our mailing list, where we plan direct actions like this, email us or join us at the next Coalition meeting on Saturday, September 14, 1pm-3:30pm at the Mount Pleasant Library, Providence.

There will be a rally to protest the Bradley Manning sentence at 6pm today in Burnside park organized by the Coalition to Defend Human and Civil Rights! He got sentenced to 35 years in prison for doing the right thing. Let’s not be silent! Please share.